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November 30th 2022 -- week afterfall break, back at tft D:

oholy shit he's back so fast! yeah that's right, i did my homework. what's up, what's up with me? last week of school this semester, sitting in the lab writing this junk out. thinking about how i'm hungry. i've been working at the fried taco for like two weeks now and wow it sucks just as much as I remember. o well. i will surpass this, my anger will be managed.
a little short one for now I think, idk what to write about. you know what fuck you no pictures.

November 30th 2022 -- week afterfall break, back at tft D:
sky sky pillar cat! trombones!
sup losers! i'm back. how are you! good? okay cool lol. onnne day I'm going to revamp this site and it's going to be insane and cool! so fucking coo. until then this is it.
what's life been up to? ot much. spent the larger part of the last month stricty lazing around jobless. school persists and insists on giving my a shitty time but i'm getting through! two weeks or so til schools out for winter break, I got this.
i'm up to date with everything musically but I'm so behind on academics school. i don't think im gonna pass aural or theory. it's ok. i'll keep moving forward, what happens is a lesson for tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow. it'll be okay.
right now I'm waiting for my speech class to beging. goodluck with future endeavors mateo, i'll be here the whole time (lol)

October 10th 2022 -- week of fall break, just quit job
hell on earth shelly duvall??? lucentman
what's up! lot's has happened, a lot. saturday was our last day at the fried taco, it sucked just like every other day, but we closed with kota and so it was fun. that night we hosted a rager lolol, or atleast we drank like it was a rager.
as for our next job, i think we're gonna go with insomia cookie, some midnight driving !! maybe. atleast a temporary job for now. i'll report back with how it goes.
we've been up to some art, some lot of procrastination, man it really is a lot.
here, have some art.

september 26th 2022 -- first month of school and stuff
KOTA and i kota likes beer i love kota
this one's dedicated to best friend Dakota. don't think i've ever brought him up on this site, but he's a huge part of my life. we're roomates now but we've known eachother since highschool. through band we knew eachother and through work we became friends. without him i wouldn't be who i am right now. he pushes me to make the best decisions for myself and pulls me back to earth when im spiraling. you don't really think about how much someone means to you until you get the call.
i didn't think i'd ever get the call. i always imagine myself on the other end of the phone, or maybe someone else speaking on my behalf. i never thought of the consequences of my call, how the receiver would feel. their first thoughts, their first action, their first response. would they care?ofcoursetheydcare... what would they do?idkdoesn'tmattertome i wont be there.
today kota called me. he tried to kill himself. he was crying and apologizing. i was practicing trombone, it took me a second to figure out what was going on.
now im sitting here. computer lab. it's cold. im crying. people around. i didn't think you'd call me.
i understood my actions better there. i understood what the call felt like.
this one's dedicated to dakota. he survived today, i dont know how to keep it that way. im scared

1) The sky is so pretty. Risking my life while dirivng for this pic
2) Kitty, mleh. An omage to my kitty, Sybyl, I'll get a pic of her on here sometime.
3) Me eating a broncho dog at the football game. Marching band sucks so much. I hate it

september 26th 2022 -- first month of school and stuff
skyside kittylick the holy bronchodog
It's been a bit. I hate how inconcistent I am with this site but i'm also really busy all the time lol. What's been up w me recently? Not much...
i quit my job, looking for a new one
spending less time on destiny, hoenstly a good thing
been feeling more depressed, life spiraling or whatver
listening to a lot of weatherday, so i gotta update the song select and the grid

1) The sky is so pretty. Risking my life while dirivng for this pic
2) Kitty, mleh. An omage to my kitty, Sybyl, I'll get a pic of her on here sometime.
3) Me eating a broncho dog at the football game. Marching band sucks so much. I hate it

august 22nd 2022 -- first day of school[]first day of move
lakeside doublemirror godboard
Firsty day of schooly is here. It's been alright so far nothing crazy or crazy boring. before starting let's set my current scene; Image, if you will, a rectangular room with five macs in it. The floor, carpet with the thos familar sqaures. The couches, the exact same as the carpet. Mildly and annoyingly cold, with two strangers behind me. They seem to know eachother, I've never seen them, ig we go to school together. They sit behind and adjacent to me. Let's make this quick, I'm starting to get anxious(?) anyway. i'm still teying to do the google photos thing so i can just grab pictures straight from the browser instead of having to add them to neocities form my phone. Regardless, heres some more recent pictures.

1) Instant classic, went to the hefer with KK at midnight, it was fun. We had a random encounter with 2 stray cats [?!?!] it was epic i loved it
2) Mirror selfies are overdone, but what about 2 mirror selfies in one !!
3) Quick doodle from a bit ago, idk the xact date. It shows an eye alone above stars and shapes. It's no surprise I turned out this way. Michael Cera Palin reference or The Front botoms. lol cringe

august 3rd!!! 2022 -- school starts in 19 days, the same day i'm moving
skort nicshop godboard alley
Welcome back to pho-to duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!!!!! today I am finally backing up all my pictures from my phone to my google drive, so I've chosen some older photos. Up first we've got me sitting outside a smoke shop while my friend buys me nicotine, to the right it's me again! (!) now in a skirt i bought, very cute nice nice nice. the last two have the same energy i think. jesus coming and the alley behind my work.

selfie work flower setlist
Okay so it's been much longer than I thougth it'd take but I'm here, updated this. It's been atleast a month. It's July 29th today and my life is mainly the same. Heres 4 pictures I've taken recently.

little doodle dump
blast head mummy sun red room star idol
they dont mean much. they're all from my second semester of college. i bought a little sketch book and so i sketch a lot more. it's fun, invest in a little sketch book, you won't regret it. (from left to right: blast head/furnace, mummy sun, red room, star idol)